FAQs & Advice

Is the covering on the SoftPlayGym equipment safe for children?
The SoftPlayGym equipment complies with European Union Directive 2005/84/EC regarding early years equipment. The fabric covering is certified to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 - textiles free of harmful substances. It is phthalate and solvent-free and does not emit VOCs into the atmosphere.

Are the age indications on your website strict?
No, they are advisory. The 'Early Years' section of up to 3 years is designed for children from birth to 3, but children develop motor skills at different rates and are inquisitive to different levels. The maximum height of the modules in the Early Years range is lower than the Development modules to reduce any fall heights.

Will older children still want to use the early years range?
Absolutely. Older children may still want to incorporate the modules from the Early Years range into their arrangements and will still enjoy them. But to challenge older children you will need some Development and / or School items.

How do I know what I want will fit in my nursery?
If you suggest the package of equipment you are interested in, and provide us with a sketch of your room showing dimensions, we can provide a computer aided design drawing showing the equipment in place.

I have some walls in my nursery around where I want the SoftPlayGym equipment and am concerned about children falling and hitting them. Do you offer padding?
We can pad virtually anything with either permanent or removable pads. We can pad a small section of wall to an entire room. Please call or email us with your request and with dimensions (and ideally photographs of the room) and we can provide you with a bespoke quotation.

What is the lead time for an order?
We keep a stock of our most popular items, but due to the huge number of different items and range of colours, many items are made to order. Typical lead time for made to order items is 4 to 6 weeks. However if you have a time sensitive requirement, please send us details of the equipment you requrie and we will provide an estimate of lead time.

Can I use SoftPlayGym equipment outdoors?
The equipment is suitable to use outdoors on dry days, but must be brought inside for storage and in inclement weather.

How do I clean SoftPlayGym equipment?
You can clean all the equipment with a cloth and warm water with a liquid detergent / soap. Some soaps may leave a white residue and if your preferred soap does, then please either try another brand or wipe well with clean water. You can use an anti-septic spray (such as Dettox) to kill germs on SoftPlayGym but always wipe well with a cloth.